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Snap Shots of Privacy and Security

For our full policies and procedures, please request access from your analyst. This proprietary data is availble by request only. The section below are snippets of data and security at TargetCW.


TargetCW and StaffingNation both utilize SHA256; This industry standard form on encryption protects the passing of data from the browser to the servers we use whether locally or on AWS or other vendor partner. Encryption is included in our email systems to protect transmitted data and various filters block unprotected data from being sent or received. 


TargetCW and our subsidiaries have gone through extensive GDPR assessments. These assessments test and evaluate our various policies for GDPR compliance. Our self-assessment has shown that we are in full compliance with the various articles in GDPR. 

Data Destruction

No hoarding here. TargetCW has decided to simplify and streamline our data collection and retention policies and reduce the sources for data collection and retention. What does this mean? We want to have our worker data in one place (aside from our backups). This means when a worker goes off assignment and we have fulfilled record retention laws, we can randomize the data or delete it accordingly. 


We take our worker rights seriously. Not just HR related, but the privacy and security of their data. As an employer, TargetCW maintains confidential data and we have audited policies and procedures to protect that data. In addition, we allow workers access to their data and the ability to have a formal complaint process if they disagree with something. 


As a Department of Defense (DOD) sub-contractor, we have subjected ourselves to a high level of audit and transparency. Our FSO (Facility Security Officer) manages our personnel subject to these various provisions. In compliance with our program, we offer regular training's to our cleared personnel. 

VENDOR compliance

Payrolling is a fantastic service that allows a client to identify a worker and place them on our payroll. But that requires a transfer of confidential data from the client to TargetCW.  Well its important that we do the same things contractually with all of our sub-vendors. Our technology and global payrolling partners are all required to engage in a vendor agreement around data onward transfer and export. This agreement sets the bar and protects the exporters of the data. 

SIMPLicity for our workers

We want our workers to know exactly what data we collect, how we use and where it goes. Our data and privacy policy is available to all our workers as a footer on each email we send out. This disclosure is simple and complies with GDPR, privacy shield and good old common sense. You can find the policy on the worker link along with our cookie policy. 


TargetCW as a member of the Internation Associate of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), offers regular training and testing for our internal employees. In addition, on the technology side we run penetration testing on an annual basis; Our exhaustive SSAE SOC ii audit bi-annually report which is available on our polices section provides exhaustive verification ensuring we do what we say we're going to do.

data segregation

StaffingNation allows our clients to have all worker data in one place. This amazing resource not only helps with co-employment concerns by housing contractor data in one place owned by TargetCW, it also minimizes the need of storing data in multiple locations by allowing secure access through our API.