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Email Encryption, for Simple Transfer of Important Data

TargetCW using the latest technology in Office 365 has been using Email Encryption to help in the sending and facilitating of data transfer. Many of us have been using email encryption for some time; Where its a government document, healthcare or the refinance of your house, we're all familiar with email encryption.

In the case where your personal data must be transmitted to another party (E-verify, EDD or other government entity, banking verification, background check, API partners), your information is encrypted using Office 365 Message Encryption, which uses Cryptographic Mode 2 which is an updated and enhanced AD RMS cryptographic implementation. It supports RSA 2048 for signature and encryption and supports SHA-256 for signature.   RSA 2048 is the current highest recommended standard by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).  

Rest assured if your data is moving around the globe (for our international workers); which we limit as much as possible, it is encrypted and the least amount of data possible is transmitted. It's part of our program to protect our workers!