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2018 Data Breach Industry Forecast

Today’s organizations face a cybersecurity landscape more difficult to navigate than ever before. As our world grows more interconnected and technology-dependent, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks and are keeping pace with our efforts to thwart them. The motivations behind cyberattacks have also expanded, making it increasingly difficult to predict and identify potential threats. With large-scale data breaches making the headlines in 2017, organizations must be proactive, not reactive, in the face of looming cyber threats. Download the report.

CA Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, does it protect more than GDPR?

California is now in line with the high level of data protection that can be found globally; the new law, commonly referred to as AB 375, was inspired by legislation brought out by the European Union for the purpose of providing data protection to its citizens (the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR). By incorporating the basic premise of the GDPR the Californian legislature was able to pull this law out much faster than the GDPR took to be created. AB 375 marks the first law in the USA which creates an ownership over a person’s data by themselves, giving individuals the right to determine how their shared information is used.

The law requires all Californian companies who use personal data to comply by 2020; this will include any individual’s request to reveal what data a company has collected on them and give the user the ability to have their information deleted in full or in part, allowing the individual to decide if the data can be exchanged further.

Included in AB 375 is:

-          The right to know what data has been collected on yourself, free of charge up to twice per year.
-          The right to refuse a company’s ability to sell the personal data, including;
-          The right to have that data completely deleted.
-          An ability to know ahead of time what type of data will be collected and for what purpose the collecting is being done.
-          The right to know if the data collection practice and procedures change.
-          A requirement for the individual to opt-in to the company’s sharing of their personal data for individuals under 16 years of age.
-          A right to know which categories a third party falls into who might receive your data.
-          A right to bring private legal action against any company that experiences a data breach which includes an individual’s data.

The new changes are a positive note for individuals who have had concerns about how their names and addresses end up on mailing lists for companies that they have never previously heard of and didn’t sign up to receive any information from. For businesses, the new law creates more work and a higher level of obligation which they will have to learn to provide to all of their customers and clients.

Although it was created after the GDPR and with the protections listed in the GDPR in mind, it is not as inclusive as the GDPR is and does not provide the same level of protection to US residents as the GDPR gives to EU residents over the same type of information procuring and sharing. Some provisions that the CCPA did not cover include the right to be forgotten, right to privacy as a default, encryption requirements on stored data or data portability. Given the vast differences it would be unwise to consider the new California law as being the same as the GDPR. Even so, on a national standard, the law will be an example to other states as to the minimum protections which should be incorporated in contemporary business due to the rise and constant evolution of technology.


GDPR in the Workplace: 11 Things you need to know!!



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